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Farah Shawls is the brand label of Farah Khan’s company which specializes in exquisite range of Kashmiri hand embroidered Products – shawls, stoles, scarves, mufflers etc.

In this world of countless uncreative machine made products, Farah’s shawls stand out for their timeless creativity and unique designs. Her products are hand embroidered or hand woven and they are not mass produced in factories. The shawls are hand crafted lovingly by the artisans (who have learnt the fine art of hand embroidery passed down over several generations), at their homes with love and care. This makes them unique and exclusive to the extent of being limited edition. Each stole is timeless piece of art worth being passed down as heirloom.

Our shawls draw inspiration from the rich traditions and natural beauty of Kashmir. Our shawls come in rich vibrant colours as well as earthy tones using the traditional designs and contemporary trends.