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Some products are made by two or more members of the family sitting together to embroider the shawl. Because of this, in addition to the warmth provided by the fabric, you can also feel and experience the “Warmth” of the rich traditions, art and culture of the land and its artisans. Our fascination for best quality of fabrics and embroidery has manifested itself into a way of life. The products are special not only for the artisans who make them but also for those who are proud owners of these fabulous works of art.

Some shawls made of
Pure Pashmina take up to two years to embroider, which makes them absolutely connoisseur’s items and valuable pieces of art. Photographs do not do these essential luxuries justice; you have to see them close up, feel them, peer at their amazing patterns to realise what treasures these are. They are heirlooms in the making.


Farah believes that the beauty of working with artisans is that your work makes a direct effect on their quality of life. You are able to connect and reach out to the rural artisans at the grassroots level and help preserve the rich heritage of arts and crafts of India.

The products have been made by artisans who have learnt the art of hand embroidery passed down over numerous generations. The embroidery is unique and made by master craftsmen who painstakingly make each product with care and passion. Exquisite, in fact, is an utterly inadequate word, when talking of these masterpieces of delicate yet intricate workmanship.

Being a hand embroidered products each shawl, stole and scarf is unique and special. At her work units in the rural areas the fibre is hand spun into yarn, hand-woven, dyed and finished with utmost care to exercise quality control. The Quality Control is carried out not in the industrial sense of the term, but is reflected in the love and care under which the products are nurtured and produced by the artisans.


We value Trust, Integrity, Faith and Fair & Ethical dealings since we value Relationships more than business and profits. None of the products or process involves child labour and we practice Fair Trade.