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About Kashmir Shawls it is said: "of all Indian textiles none excels in beauty, colour, texture and design - the famous Kashmir Shawl". By way of techniques, the Kashmir shawl can be categorized in two main types- the loom woven or Kani shawls and the needle embroidered or sozni shawls. The shawls are embroidered in various motifs like floral, paisleys, borders, all over work etc with the help of a needle. It is very fine needle work and is carried out on Pashmina, Semi Pashmina and fine wool fabrics.

All shawls and stoles are available in numerous designs both traditional and contemporary. Products are available in numerous colour combinations which include rich bright colours as well as earthy sober tones. Few samples stoles are given in the photos below.


Kani is the Kashmiri name given to a wooden spool which works most while weaving a shawl on the loom. Kani shawls are woven in Pure Pashmina on hand looms with the help of kanis. Kanis are small eyeless bobbins used instead of the shuttle. Weaving is meticulously regulated by a coded pattern, known as the Talim drawn by the Naqash for guidance of the weaver. The original Kani Jamawar shawls take upto 4 years to make and their range starts from 2000 USD. However they are now being made in power looms also using fine merino wool fabric to bring them within affordable range.